Brooklyn Nets

 | 16-29
  • Field Goal %
    43.5 FG%
  • 3-point %
    34.8 3P%
  • Points Scored
    106 PPG
  • Total Rebounds
    45.6 RPG
PGWaived (Signed)
SFSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
SGWaived (Signed)
PGSigned as Free Agent (Two-way contract)
GWaived (Signed)
CTraded (Part of three-player trade) From
GFTraded (Part of three-player trade) From
FCTraded (Part of three-player trade) To
PFWaived (Signed)
SGWaived (Signed)
PGWaived (Signed)
PGWaived (Signed)
PFWaived (Signed)
PFSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
SGSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
PFSigned to Play in Europe (Signed)
PFSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
FCSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
PGSigned as Free Agent (Two-Way Contract)
PGSigned as Free Agent (Signed)
GWaived (Signed)
PFTraded (For Allan Crabbe) To
GFTraded (For Andrew Nicholson) From
SGSigned as Free Agent (Two-Way Contract)
FTraded (for Justin Hamilton) From
FCTraded (for DeMarre Carroll and draft picks) To
SFDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
GDeclared Free Agency (Signed)
FTraded (Part of four-player deal) To
GTraded (Part of four-player deal) From
CTraded (Part of four-player deal) From
CTraded (Part of four-player deal) To