Malik Ellison

Malik Ellison

Height/Weight: 6' 6"/215 lbs
Born: Washington, Washington
College: Hartford
Draft: Undrafted
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    Bob Cousy Claps Back To J.J. Redick's 'Firemen And Plumbers' Comment

    Bob Cousy may be 93 years old but he can still throw shade like no other. The Boston Celtics legend’s legacy was questioned by J.J. Redick, saying Cousy was guarded by “firemen and plumbers” back in his playing days. Cousy appeared on SiriusXM’s NBA Radio and took quite the shot at Redick.


    JJ Reddick called NBA players from the 1950s 'plumbers and firemen.' Bob Cousy responded.

    After ESPN basketball analyst JJ Reddick made a dismissive reference to the quality of basketball players in the NBA during the course of Bob Cousy’s career, the Celtics legend offered his response. Reddick, speaking during a debate on “First Take” in April about the best point guards in NBA history, got into an exchange with Chris Russo. Russo advocated for Cousy’s inclusion.

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    Ten Unanswered Questions from Trae Young's Interview with JJ Redick

    After the Hawks deep playoff run in 2021, everyone got paid - Young, John Collins, Clint Capela, and Kevin Huerter. Team president Travis Schlenk brought back almost everyone, a move he now regrets. I wished Redick would have asked Young about Schlenk's comments regarding his regrets about running it back.