Christian Wood

Christian Wood

Height/Weight: 6' 9"/214 lbs
Born: Long Beach, California
College: UNLV
Draft: Undrafted
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    Time and date for Lakers media day has been officially set

    The Lakers announced that their media day, which marks the official start of training camp, will be just days from now.

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    Lakers News: Some Wonder If Christian Wood Can Really Help LA This Season

    Lakers News: Columnist Wonders If Christian Wood Can Truly Elevate LA He will need to fit into his defined role this season. Author: Matt Levine Publish date: Sep 26, 2023 12:30 PM EDT In this story: Los Angeles Lakers One of the last free agents to sign this summer was center Christian Wood , and when he landed with the Los Angeles Lakers, it was generally seen as a positive. Wood brings shooting ability to the table, and he is a natural scorer of the basketball. LA signed him for the minimum, which is a steal for his skillset . But the reason why he was still available has some wondering just how effective he will be with the Lakers. Dan Woike of The LA Times broke down some of the concerns

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    Will the LeBron Effect Work on Christian Wood?

    There are no small conversations about LeBron James. What begins as an honest assessment of how a 38-year-old LeBron played on a given night can quickly spin out into a discussion of his mystique as a living legend competing against players who grew up idolizing him, and plummet from there into a full-blown litigation of his legacy. Pretty much every other player in the league gets to have their All-NBA credentials judged on their actual play; LeBron's case always expands, for better or worse, into his impact as a leader or as a spokesperson or as a de facto GM. Every star player informs their team's plans to some extent, but James actively drives them.