Ryan Reid

Height: 6' 8"
Weight: 235
College: Florida State
Birth Place: Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
Draft: 2010 2nd round (27th pick) by the
  • Marlins, Rockets, Nets, Hurricanes Sale Updates

    Marlins, Rockets, Nets, Hurricanes Sale Updates

    Here is the latest on what my sources are telling me about the pending sales of the Miami Marlins, Houston Rockets and Carolina Hurricanes. There are supposedly three groups interested in buying the Marlins but in reality there are just two groups. The groups led by Jorge Mas and Tagg Romney have the money to buy the baseball team. The Derek Jeter group doesn’t really exist. Not in the context of actually having the money. Mas can personally cut a big check, as can Wayne Rothbaum, who is part of Romney’s group. As I wrote earlier, Mas is considering over $1 billion pending the conclusion of due diligence. Another issue is that Marlins president Dave Samson wants to stay on. Mas does’t like that.