Monta Ellis

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 185
College: None
Birth Place: Jackson, Mississippi
Draft: 2005 2nd round (10th pick) by the
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    How might the 2017-18 NBA season play out? For the third year in a row, we're using ESPN's real plus-minus (RPM) along with my projections for rookies and guesses at playing time to rate teams heading into the season. We initially published RPM projections in August, but have updated them since then for injuries, transactions -- including trades involving Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony -- and rotation changes. Additionally, we've also run those projections through 2,500 simulations of the season to account for the differences in schedule between teams in the East and West and account for the uncertainty about our projections for each team. So for each team we've listed the average wins from
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    Before the season has even started there are two storylines surrounding the 2017-18 Boston Celtics: They are really young. They are returning only four players from last year’s team. Not exactly breaking any news there, right? But the question to be asked is: Does it matter? The NBA is as full of old adages as it is with superstar divas. But two cliches that apply here are: Young teams don’t win. Roster continuity matters. Are either of those statements true? Can a very young team win at a high level and compete for a title? What about a team that turned over a large chunk of its roster? As it pertains to the Celtics, you can’t really argue that either of these points is true. The Celtics are
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    This NBA season has an assumed destination, and it ends in California. But even with a Golden State Warriors dynasty in the making, the NBA still offers more twists than Kawhi Leonard’s hair. All paths might well wind up in Oakland but each offers unique scenery to make the ride enjoyable. Super teams are being formed to challenge the defending champion Warriors, although they will have to climb several rungs to reach Golden State status. The title favorite may fit the status quo but little else did with stars switching squads like a deck of 2017 All-Star cards getting shuffled. Seven of February’s All-Stars changed NBA teams this summer with five jumping conferences, four going from East to

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