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Dwayne Schintzius was never an NBA superstar, but he did have superstar hair. I understand that the mocking mullets meme is over a decade old at that point, but holy hockey puck, would you look at that thing?

We're not sure where we found this video, but it is apparently for an electronics website that never launched. In an attempt to go, um, viral (?), Dwayne decided to skulk around like someone who is under the influence of too many trucker poppers, and ask random twentysomethings if they'd Vazzoo'd that particular day.

The youngsters (along with one gentleman unfortunately wearing sunglasses indoors, and a life-sized cardboard cutout of Alex Rodriguez) appearing in the video with Dwayne seem as confused as we are -- and they purportedly were in on whatever the heck "Vazzoo" is.


(Honestly, only take pills that you've been prescribed by a reputable doctor, and only ingest the allotted amount he or she recommends. And never, ever Vazzoo.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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