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By most metrics, Miami Heat forward had a terrible Game 3 despite his team's 88-86 win in Dallas. Over 37 minutes, Bosh logged totals of 18 points on mediocre 7-of-18 shooting, a mere three rebounds, and a -10 on the +/- scale. Oh, and he also spent a few moments on his back early in the game after sustaining a poke in the eye that initially looked like a potential knee injury. Overall, it was not one of Bosh's finer performances.

No one will remember those issues, though, because of the shot available for your viewing pleasure above. With 39 seconds left, LeBron swung a nice, partially obstructed pass out of a double-team to Bosh about 19 feet from the basket along the baseline. It's a shot safely in Bosh's sweet spot, but also one he'd missed several times in the game up to that point. To his credit, he didn't shy away and knocked it down with ease.

Bosh still didn't have a very good game, but this shot earned him some moment of redemption. It was a play that a team could only make if the players trust each other and themselves, so credit both Bosh and James for the execution. The concept of "clutch" can be a shaky concept, but it's clear that both players were very calm and collected in this moment.

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Ball Don't Lie

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