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He really is. For PG-rated ads that have to fit in 30-second windows, Los Angeles Clippers Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin(notes) is absolutely earning his offseason keep as he advises all manner of potential car buyers about the smarter elements of the Kia Optimia.

(And, as BDL readers likely know, we hate putting up advertisements for shoes, apparel, or all manner of whatever ad companies send our way. But for those in the 18-to-34 range looking to purchase their first new car? We can't believe we're saying this, but the Optima is actually a truly sound option. No, they're not paying us. We just know way too much about cars.)

Here's Blake, in a salon and in a forest that curiously looks like a set we've seen several times on network TV:

Yes, that is a Griffin image on Blake's sweat suit.

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Ball Don't Lie

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