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Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen's financial woes have long been on the public record. The former Chicago Bulls All-Star has made some dodgy investments in his time, while trusting the wrong sort of financial advisers. And as a result, while he may not have some swampland in New Jersey to sell you, he does have a statue of a lion and a used "Shallow Hal" DVD he'd like to sell you from a house he once sold, fully furnished, in the neighborhood that houses the Chicago Bulls' practice facility.

A week and a half ago, the current owners of the house invited the general public to his mansion in Highland Park, Ill., where just about everything in his house was for sale. Trading cards, cabinets, used towels, you name it. And Beanie Babies. Scottie Pippen has so many Beanie Babies.

(We think he had so many Beanie Babies. It turns out the Beanie Babies in question may have belonged to children that lived in the mansion after Pippen's family left it, fully furnished, years ago.)

From the Chicago-area Trib Local:

On Saturday, shoppers began lining up at the door at about 6:30 a.m. for the sale that didn't start at 9 a.m. The usually quiet Shady Lane experienced a grid lock at times as drivers perused up and down the block, looking for parking that wasn't there. Even at about 4 p.m. an hour before close, about 100 people lined the driveway, half way to the curb. Most had spent about two hours waiting but still hadn't been able to enter the home.

By the time the shopping spree ended, Pippen's house was still full of unsold goodies, including an incredibly creepy life-sized maid figurine that was going for $1,100.

Click the jump to see the wares.

Some interesting DVD titles. Including "Darren's Dance Grooves," "Crazy/Beautiful," "Black Knight," and of course "The Pianist."

A room full of Beanie Babies and other stuffed friends.


Some Chicago Bulls-era memorabilia.

(Images courtesy Trib Local.)

And, from our man Joe Askins, a video documenting the house, pre-sale:

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