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Another Finals game, another catty back and forth between an often self-promoting columnist and one of the Finals combatants.

Dallas coach Rick Carlisle, to paraphrase FOX Sports columnist Jason Whitlock, did coach of a hell of a game as his Mavericks beat Miami in Game 4, tying the NBA Finals 2-2. Carlisle's deft use of a zone defense in the second half helped the Mavs come back in the win, and his smart handling of player rotations and time constraints made it so his best rotation was fresh (well, as fresh as the flu-ridden Dirk Nowitzki(notes) could be) and ready to play sound basketball down the stretch.

But the last thing Carlisle will want to do is toot his own horn. Not in the regular season, in the offseason, and certainly not in June with his team tied and facing a best-of-three series with the sometimes-dominant Miami Heat.

Yet, that didn't stop Whitlock, in the press conference following Game 4, attempting to get something out of Rick.

Watch Carlisle's response:

Whitlock's been around for a while, though never much on the NBA beat, so it is a little surprising that Carlisle doesn't recognize him. But, yeah, seriously -- who the hell is this guy?

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Ball Don't Lie

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