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Mark Cuban is the latest to call Brian Cardinal ‘dad’

For a guy who made his initial millions off of computer software, and then his billions off the Internet, it stands to reason that Mark Cuban should be up on the latest Internet memes, especially those that have to do with the NBA.

And it's especially cool that, by some happy coincidence or some obvious connection between Cubes and The Basketball Jones editor (and former BDL editor) Trey Kerby, he has now taken to calling Mavericks do-it-all (and then make grilled cheese and bacon for lunch, kids!) forward Brian Cardinal(notes) "dad."

Like Trey has done, to great acclaim, on several NBA web-pages, as your dad would call them.

Let's let Cuban skirt a one million dollar fine and talk about his ESPY award-winning Mavericks (via, natch, TBJ):

"You know, every guy on this team, every year, they told me we should trade him, get rid of him, they're too old, they're always hurt, they can't get the job done, who let the dad on the court (Cuban points to Cardinal), who let the baby on the court (points to Barea)," Cuban said, drawing laughs. "You learn over time it's a very humbling game, but you also learn to trust and belief and care.

"And, I think if this Dallas Mavericks team proves anything, it's that good guys do win and can win and will win."

Aww.  How can you fine a guy like that, David Stern?

(Oh. Huh? He did what, now? Yikes. With the scoreboard and everything? January of 2001? Yikes. My bad.)

We'd talk more about Cuban and Trey, but Cardinal just oiled up my glove for a catch and he's about to teach me how to make a black cow before we head out into the side yard. Later I get to watch him change the oil in our Buick!

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