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Kobe Bryant(notes) may have taken a cell phone out of someone's hand at a church last weekend, mainly because that person may have been taking pictures of Kobe Bryant in church with the camera within his cell phone.


And, apparently, that person is now considering suing Bryant for hurting his wrist. Not only that, but San Diego police have gone on record as hoping to talk to Bryant about the incident.

And, allegedly, what an unmitigated jerk this guy is! Not Kobe, but the (alleged) jerk that decided to bug the heck out of Bryant by attempting to or succeeding in taking pictures of him, and then either running to police officers or a civil suit lawyer once Kobe did what he should have done. Namely, force that (alleged) jerk to stop acting like an absolute prat. In a church, no less.

Here's Kevin Ding from the Orange County Register and his report on the (alleged) incident:

San Diego police are investigating a man's statement that he injured his wrist when Kobe Bryant took the man's cellphone from him at a church service because he thought the man was taking pictures of him, according to KGTV/10 in San Diego.

The report cites sources as saying Bryant was attending a church service at St. Therese of Carmel in Carmel Valley on Sunday and thought the man was taking photos of him — but then did not see any photos on it. The man said he had to go to the hospital for treatment on his wrist.

"Treatment on his wrist"? Draw your own conclusions, friends.

If this is in any way true, and Kobe Bryant did anything less than rake a guy across his face and knee him in a groin for taking pictures of him while in church, then we're still on Kobe's side. To have the "victim" then try to draw this out and make a cash and/or publicity grab from his (alleged) time spent acting as a massive annoying jerk in Kobe's presence? That adds to our decision to jump on Team Kobe. To then bring police into this seems like a massive overreaction.

Slap and pull away, Kobe Bean. You have BDL on your side.

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