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Former NBA big man and current star of the Syrian league Samaki Walker tried to beat a drug rap last Thursday, after his Mercedes was pulled over, by doing what any sensible pothead would do. He tried to eat the stuff as the police closed in.

Before this incident, Samaki was known for two things. There was the one time he was punched by Kobe Bryant(notes) for being a bit of a load in practice. And there was this, from his draft night in 1996:

NBA washout Samaki Walker gets pulled over, tries to eat his weed

Now comes the news that Samaki was pulled over during what a wire service (via Deadspin) is calling "a routine traffic stop" (hearing that phrase always makes me uncomfortable, even if they land a few baddies) and was found to be carrying 10 grams of marijuana, some apparently recreational prescription drugs and 10 bottles of liquid steroids.

Seemingly content to be found with just the pills and the steroids, Walker attempted to eat the marijuana. Eighty percent of it, at least. He was charged for all 10 grams, mind you. Makes sense -- if you eat half of a legal pot brownie as you walk up to the counter of a café in Amsterdam, I'm guessing, you'd still eventually have to pay for the whole thing.

No word on just how much pot Walker had ingested before settling on the outfit pictured above.

(Image courtesy Getty Images.)

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