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Dennis Rodman to enter the Hall of Fame in the most Dennis Rodman-y of ways

Dennis Rodman isn't making millions of dollars a year playing basketball anymore. His autobiographies aren't shooting to the top of the best-seller's list. He's not on MTV, he's not dating someone your internet search engine has heard of, and he's not a top tier guest on the late night chat shows. He's still Dennis Rodman, though. Thank goodness for that.

D-Rod, who showed up to Thursday's Hall of Fame press conference in the same halter top he's pictured in at the top of this post (seriously), will reportedly arrive at Friday's Hall of Fame induction in a very Rodman-esque way.

From the Miami Herald (via HoopsHype):

Aventura's Dennis Rodman told us Tuesday he will arrive at his Basketball Hall of Fame induction Friday by helicopter. He wanted to enter the Hall on a colorful float, "but they wouldn't let me block off the street" in Springfield, Mass.

He said he will hire acrobats to perform and "a couple of my outfits will be 'out there.' Whatever might be too zany is not too zany." His marketing agent, Floyd Ragland, said Rodman is spending $60,000 to fly in Penny Marshall, Howard Stern and other friends. Phil Jackson is Rodman's presenter.

Sorry for ripping on the guy's name, but "Floyd Ragland?" Does Dennis Rodman's "marketing agent" have a card that says "Press" in his snappy fedora?

60 grand might be a lot to drop on what is usually a rather subdued affair, but I can be a wee bit lachrymose when I point out that this is about it for Dennis. This is his last big party in the public's eye, and not some energy drink release party or discotheque appearance in Reno. And if he decides that helicopters and Penny Marshall are the way to go, well, than helicopters and Penny Marshall are the way to go.

Have fun with it, Dennis.

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