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Dominique Jones(notes) of the Dallas Mavericks has decided to cash in on his triumphant turn as an NBA champion, commemorating his team's Finals triumph with a neck tattoo featuring the Lawrence O'Brien trophy. Also, Dominique Jones is on the Dallas Mavericks. We swear.

He didn't play in the playoffs, much less the Finals, and he only managed 136 minutes in his injury-plagued rookie season. But, sure -- tat it up, guy with plenty of money and time on his hands. Let's make this thing indelible!

(I'm sure that last line was what he said when he strolled into the tattoo parlor, and using "parlor" as a way to describe a building or basement where you get tattoos remains the funniest thing since B.J. and the Bear. As if they're drinking sherry and sporting formal wear.)

Jones has his influences. Teammate Jason Terry(notes), bravely, decided to get a tattoo along the same lines before the season started, as a personal reminder that it was on him to push this team over the top. And though JET had his struggles at times in the postseason, he was a huge part of the team's championship run, even on both ends of the court. And DeShawn Stevenson(notes)? Well, he gets neck tattoos.

Put the two together, and you have Jones. Minus all the minutes and name recognition but complete with a Larry O'Brien trophy tattooed to his ruddy neck.

Best realization? We now know what Dominique Jones' neck looks like, far clearer than we remember what Dominique Jones' face looks like.

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Ball Don't Lie

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