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Create-a-Caption: Hamed Haddadi could really use a timeout

I bet trying to "set the Guinness World Record for Gatorade drinking" at halftime doesn't seem like such a great idea now, does it, Hamed Haddadi(notes)? No. No, it doesn't. Neither does that mustache, but we'll take care of one thing at a time, I suppose. Hit the locker room, please. Right away.

Best caption wins thoughts of endless, arid, cactus-filled deserts, with no flowing water anywhere. Good luck.

In our last adventure: We took a closer look at David Stern. Like, suuuuuper close. Right up in his grill.

Create-a-Caption: Hamed Haddadi could really use a timeoutWinner, FunmiT: "So we didn't respond and Billy Hunter looked just like this! Then we all laughed and walked out."

Runner-up, STARDESTROYER: It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your deodorant is?

Second runner-up, IndeedProceed: Reporter: "Mr. Stern, what do you have to say about the recent irrefutable proof that the NBA's teams are not only profitable, but are actually obscenely so?"

Voice-over Announcer: "Need a break?"

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