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Brandon Jennings knows kung-fu, may not go overseasNBA players will not stop prattling on about playing overseas should the current lockout stretch into fall, and it's getting a little annoying. For one, there aren't many open spots on teams with money. Secondly, we can't tell if it's just something they're saying to try and get a rise out of the owners, forgetting of course that the owners have absolutely no motivation to try to end this lockout anytime soon.

Milwaukee Bucks guard Brandon Jennings(notes), who made waves in 2008 when he decided to skip a potential freshman year of college to play pro ball in Italy, would seem to have an upper hand in any sort of return overseas. Instead, it turns out, he's quite comfortable working out at home for the duration of this lockout. Mainly because he knows kung-fu.

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

Jennings said he has dabbled in boxing and martial arts training for the first time. "It's really helping my arms get stronger and my core," he said.

And on the basketball side, Jennings is working out with former Duke star Jason Williams(notes), whose pro career was sidetracked by a serious injury.

Jennings said he is not pursuing any opportunities in Europe at present but is keeping his options open.

"I feel if it does drag out, any player would consider going overseas," Jennings said.

Now, I know that working on core training by using martial arts principles is far from knowing kung-fu, but on a random July Tuesday in the midst of a lockout that could stretch another 14 months, the idea that Brandon Jennings "knows kung-fu" is just too cheerful not to perpetuate. It's certainly better than dabbling in martial arts to "[help] my arms get stronger."

Any little bit would help Jennings, especially after a frustrating second season that saw him just about stagnate as he led the NBA's worst offense. And, really, of all the players who could take to international hoops, Jennings (who needs minutes, anywhere he can get them) would likely be among the most beneficial candidates.

But you can't blame him for staying home. Especially when there are so many boards to break with your bare hands.

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