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A Chicago Bulls fan spit at Grant Hill(notes) after the Bulls beat Hill's Phoenix Suns on Tuesday night, because that person is the worst person in the world.

The spitter, and not Grant Hill, who for just about the entire duration of his NBA career has probably been the best thing about the NBA. He plays hard, he leads, he communicates on both ends, and for a good stretch there during the 1999-00 season, he may have been this league's best player. He certainly was its best all-around player for that year and a couple of years before it.

He's also battled untold ankle injuries, through myriad surgeries, and nearly died of a staph infection a few years back when one of those operations went terribly wrong. Hill worked through it, though. He's made hundreds of millions of dollars in his career, but he's currently making about half the league average this season to work as the go-to defender and designated charge-taker at age 38 on a team that isn't going to make the playoffs.

And after a night where Hill's Suns took the East-leading Bulls to the brink, with Hill having to chase around another Duke product in Luol Deng(notes) that was born 13 years after him, some idiotic fan decided to gob one at the Great One.

Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic has the story:

As Hill left the floor after the game, he was held back from a fan who he said cursed and spit at him.

"He said some profanity and spit in my direction," Hill said. "I'm not going to let somebody spit at me. He knew he did wrong because he took off running."

Hill was held back by security, who caught the fan.

"I just saw the anger in his face," [Vince] Carter said. "When you see Grant like that, you know something's up. Grant doesn't say anything to anybody. He competes and does his job."

(It's a novel concept, eh Vince?)

Not much else I can point out outside of reiterating that you have Ball Don't Lie's permission to seek out and do terrible and embarrassing things to the man who was caught spitting at Grant Hill.

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