Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Not all of these are going to be of the ha-ha variety, but I don't think you'll mind after watching this.

Mark Price is one of the most innovative NBA players of the last 30 years, but you rarely hear his name mentioned amongst the greats. That's probably because he shouldn't be mentioned amongst the greats, his knees saw to that, but his work in Cleveland should get its proper due. Price, more than Isiah, and more than Magic, ushered in the current era of NBA point guarddom: the ability to devastate in a screen and roll situation, split the two defenders if necessary, make the perfect pass, or nail the trey. 20 years ago, point guards didn't start the play from behind the three-point line. They didn't have the range. Price was the first.

Steve Nash, Jason Terry, Gilbert Arenas, Kirk Hinrich (well, not this year), Mike Bibby, Deron Williams, Jose Calderon, Jameer Nelson ... seriously, the list of players who have cribbed from Price's game (or cribbed from players who cribbed from Price's game) could go on for much, much longer. But I have some leftover Shepard's Pie to eat, so I'll leave you to your YouTube.

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Ball Don't Lie

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