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You read the news this morning:

"A slimmer, trimmer Al Jefferson(notes) returned to full practice Tuesday for the first time in nearly eight months following surgery to repair a torn ACL in his right knee."

That's right, the "Forward Formerly Known As Big Al" had shed over 30 pounds to reduce the stress on his knees and get him ready to run in the Wolves' new up-tempo offense.

But what was Jefferson's secret? Was it the Jenny Craig diet like Baron Davis(notes)? Was it from chasing poltergeists around his house like Eddy Curry? Or was it something else, something more ... scrumptious?

Spoiler. It was something else.

Today, The Pioneer Press explains:

The Timberwolves' Al Jefferson, 6 feet 10, said he dropped 31 pounds — from 293 to 262 — in seven months simply by eating Subway sandwiches.

'Ham and turkey on wheat bread, footlongs; sometimes I eat two footlongs,' Jefferson said.

No, he said, he doesn't have an endorsement deal with Subway.

'But I'm going to speak to my agent about the possibility,' he said.

Step aside, Fogle — there's a new Subway Guy in town!

Cheers, CelticsBlog.

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Ball Don't Lie

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