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If the Washington Wizards look a little different this season, it's because they're very, very different. In 101 ways, that I can count; 102, if you count Gilbert Arenas'(notes) number change; 103, if you count his beard.

Are you having trouble spotting the other 101 ways? Well, head on over to new owner Ted Leonsis' website to look over 101 ways he's tried to change le Wiz for the better. From re-training ushers to instituting "Tweetups" to upgrading the media room to changing the actual name of the team (to the Bullets, "under consideration"), Leonsis (pictured to the right, pondering) is attempting to make a mark.

One checkmark at a time.

[Video: Wizards rookie's impressive 360-degree layup]

My favorite? Less "de-fense" chants. It might seem a wimpy way out, but 98 percent of the "de-fense" chants heard at NBA arenas are inorganic, scoreboard-led chants buffeted by an annoying and booming voice on tape. "More organ music," as Leonsis puts it, will result. I'm down with that.

Other changes include warmer pizza and new uniforms for the ushers. And you will be able to get service through a text message. If you have to go to the bathroom afterward, cleaner and better restrooms should be available. 

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Look over the list. Anything you'd want for your team?

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