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(UPDATE: We're now hearing that that Solomon will be sent to the Kings, instead, in a three-way deal that sends a second round pick to Boston. A second-round pick that the C's will likely never see.)

Unfortunate news out of Boston, where it appears Patrick O'Bryant will be traded to Toronto for point guard Will Solomon. O'Bryant is a non-factor with some upside that Toronto could take advantage of, but the real mover here is Solomon (above, right).

See, Will Solomon is horrible. And the Celtics need someone to play spot minutes at point guard, and that person will have to be Will Solomon, who is horrible. Which means the Celtics will be worse off.

As Skeets has mentioned before in these spaces, most NBDL call-ups would be preferable to Solomon, but because Solomon (again, horrible) has the stink of guaranteed contract to him, teams will be deluded into thinking he can actually play. He can't. He's horrible.

(OK, he's not horrible. He's below average offensively, a good passer, and he can bring the ball up beyond half court without dribbling it off his thigh, tearing something, or getting shot outside an all-night diner. This immediately makes him an upgrade over Tony Allen.)

It's a good trade for the Celtics. Solomon fills a need, and if he keeps his shooting instincts in check (like, don't shoot), he can help this team. He picks up an assist on 33.8 percent of the possessions he uses up, which would be good for 10th in the NBA if he played more minutes. He's sort of a less-effective Chris Duhon, and for a backup point, that works. But the lack of NBDL calling and upping continues to confound.

Both have contracts that expire this summer, unless PO'B starts playing well for Toronto. If that's the case, then the Raptors have an option to guarantee his 2009-10 deal for less than a million bucks. I still think the guy can play, so here's hoping he gets a chance.

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