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It's a weird world out there, you guys. Lamar Odom(notes) is dunking on the moon. Jay Leno keeps getting television shows. Lady Gaga is the biggest pop star in the world. I can't try to explain pop culture, but you have to admit the digital age we live in has fractured media to the point that anything goes. It's just weird.

So it should come as no surprise that Shaquille O'Neal(notes) would appear in a music video for the song "Vanilla Twilight" by Owl City. But it is surprising. Very.

Owl City, if you don't know, is an electro-pop/post-meaningfulcore act based around yearning lyrics and mad computer editing skills. Shaq's previous musical experience is with an underground speed rap group called the Fu-Schnickens. Does not compute.

Does Shaq really listen to Owl City? How did he end up in the video? I have so many questions.

But luckily, I also have some answers. Here's some potential reasons Shaq is in the video for "Vanilla Twilight."

• He loves electronic music but he thinks the Postal Service isn't quite melodramatic enough.

• When he heard he got to go to an "Owl City video shoot," he thought he was going to an actual city inhabited by owls. When it turned out it was just a band he decided to do the video anyways since the snack table had some delicious bonbons.

• A true actor won't turn down any chance to practice his craft. Shaq is nothing, if not a true actor, though he calls it "Shaq-ting."

• Natalie Portman told him that Owl City would change his life and she was totally right.

• This is actually archival footage from security cameras outside of O'Neal's home. Every morning he shouts "take me with you" to the heavens, then turns to the camera and smiles.

Any of these explanations makes as much sense as Shaquille O'Neal getting face time in an Owl City video, so there's a good chance any one of them is true. But I think we can agree that the good thing is that Shaq's thumb looked totally healed in this video. He'll be all right for the playoffs.

(h/t Hipster Runoff)

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