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Some days it feels like Ron Artest(notes) was put on Earth just for bloggers to have something to write about. Whether it be impromptu and unneccessary photo shoots with models, intricate dye-jobs or, you know, actual basketball stuff, with Ron Artest it's always something. Today's something is a good one.

Despite an 11-year NBA career, and showing up uninvited in the Lakers' locker room following their 2008 Finals defeat, Ron Artest is now claiming that he has no knowledge of the rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics. From the AP:

"I'm not a student," Artest said. "I just love the game. I'm not really familiar with the rivalry. I'm sure there's a lot of history, but I can't really tell you any details about it."

Well, he's right. There is a lot of history. You know, like, 50 years worth, including 11 Finals meetings and, oh yeah, being the two most storied franchises in the history of the NBA, stretching back to before the Lakers were even in Los Angeles. It's even got its own Wikipedia page, for goodness' sake. Ringing any bells? No? Could someone tweet Ron Artest that link, please? Thanks, guys.

OK, even if Ron Artest isn't a student of the game, you would think that he might have picked up a few little tidbits here and there. I mean, he's had to have heard of Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, right? They had a movie and a book made about them. Plus there's the fact that if he's turned on ESPN once in the past two weeks, there was bound to be a little piece of Celtics/Lakers ephemera that he'd catch wind of, one would think.

Then again, this is Ron Artest we're talking about here. In his world, Lakers and Celtics are just words to rhyme with "fakers" and "smelt kicks" for his next rap song. That's why he's Ron Artest and we aren't. Never change.

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Ball Don't Lie

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