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What will the NBA lockout cost ‘secondary market’ ticket sellers? Hundreds of millions

The "secondary market" ticket sellers could lose in upwards of nearly $200 million in the potential "2011-12" season, just through six boffo teams, should the season be canceled. Yikes.

They're not scalpers, you know. They're not the people jumping out at busy intersections two blocks from the arena, looking to either score you a deal for two tickets, or take your two tickets off your hand if you were interested in selling. No, they're second-hand ticket dealers, and they're about to be destroyed by the NBA's lockout if it lasts a full season.

To what extent? Well, according to a press release by, second-hand dealers could lose in upwards of nearly $200 million during a canceled 2011-12 season just off of six teams alone. Just count the Lakers, Knicks, Bulls, Heat, Mavericks, and Celtics; and you have a frightful band of sellers that are losing out on an average of 50 home games (regular season, and playoffs) that they cannot make a deal with. Those 300 potential games for just those six teams, according to, could result in a combined $186.4 million loss during a lost 2011-12.

Can't feel sorry for the scalpers? Well, get over it. These ain't scalpers.

These are usually websites, Craigslist barons, or employees working for companies that make a point to work their tails off to secure great seats before they utilize workers like you and me to sell them online or over the phone. There are jobs to be had and lost here, and the NBA's owners hardly seem to mind. In Los Angeles, alone, the cost to these secondary outlets could near the $20 million mark. That doesn't involve CEO-types making cash hand over first. Those include workers that are going to be left behind, as a potential 50 (or more; it's the Lakers) home games go away.

The NBA owners don't care. They're getting their millions in national TV revenue regardless of a canceled season.

Let me re-iterate: NBA owners don't care. They see this canceled season as an investment. They have little interest in developing a proper revenue sharing plan amongst themselves, they don't care about the millions (re-read: MILLIONS) of people in the North American economy that will suffer financially as a result of 30 owners calling off a season, and they don't care about the harm to the game of basketball as a whole as a result of a continued and year-long lockout.

They don't care about you. Hell, they barely care about the 29 other NBA owners in the room. Never forget that.

Also, good luck trying to find a seat to that Mavs/Lakers rematch this winter. Not because it'll be sold out. Naw, it's because there won't be a season this year.

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