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What They're Wearing takes a look at NBA players' feet, but not in a creepy way. We're in it for the shoes. Got a question? Send an email.

What are they?: Air Jordan 2010 player edition
Who wore them?: Dwyane Wade(notes)

Where can I get them?: Well, you can't, unfortunately. But you can get the standard Jordan 2010 from Nike's online store, and an all black pair occasionally turns up on O Sneaker.

Fun facts: Though he had been wearing the Jordan 16.5 most often, D-Wade debuted this version of the newest Air Jordan Tuesday night. While they're still Jordan's signature shoe, D-Wade is the only player to wear these in the NBA yet this season. And, of course, they're see-through for some reason.

What are they?: Nike Shox Vision player edition
Who wore them?: Brad Miller(notes)

Where can I get them?: Nowhere. These are just for Brad Miller, sadly. However, you can create your own custom version of a similar shoe at Nike. Or, you can snag this other pair of Brad Miller shoes from his Sacramento days. I can't be the only one who wants these.

Fun facts: There's a turkey on these shoes. Really, it's right there. It's because Miller is a hunter. Alternate versions might have a deer or bear, because those are other animals Brad Miller has killed. Also, Vince Carter(notes) wears the same shoes, minus the turkeys. That's hilarious.

What are they?: Unknown Peak shoe
Who wore them?: Mickael Pietrus(notes)

Where can I get them?: Tricky question. Peak has a website, but it's in Chinese. Try as I might, I couldn't find anything about Mickael Pietrus on there. However, you can get some Peak shoes from this website, but I'm not sure you can get the Peak-trus model.

Fun facts: Pietrus made a big stink about wearing Nike Hyperdunks against the Lakers in the Finals last season. He didn't want to support his opponent, Kobe Bryant(notes), because he had endorsed the shoe. Then he went out and wore Hyperdunks. Now he wears Peaks, just like Kobe's teammates Ron Artest and Sasha Vujacic.

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