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What They're Wearing takes a look at NBA players' feet, but not in a creepy way. We're in it for the shoes. Got a question? Send an email. Since it's St. Patrick's Day, let's have a looksy at some Boston Celtics shoes.

What are they?: Nike Air Force 1 player edition
Who wore them?: Rasheed Wallace(notes)

Where can I get them?: These particular shoes haven't hit the market yet. However, there's a few pairs of his Pistons versions available on eBay priced from anywhere between $10.01 and $233.75. Trying to figure out the pricing is like trying to figure out why Rasheed wears an ancient shoe to play basketball. 

Fun facts: As mentioned above, the Air Force 1 is an old shoe. First made in 1982, and the first Nike to have air cushioning, there has been almost no changes since its inception. Since the shoe is older than a lot of the players in the league, it's not too surprising that there's only one guy that wears them. It's also not surprising that that guy is Rasheed Wallace, who still uses Ace bandages. He also has a white version that's pretty fresh.

What are they?: Unknown And 1 shoe
Who wore them?: Marquis Daniels(notes)

Where can I get them?: You'd think the And 1 website, but there's nothing there. The closest is a shoe called the Pearl, but it's not quite an exact match. "Quisy" has also been known to wear a Celtics version of the Tai Chi, a reissued shoe that Vince Carter(notes) wore in the 2000 Dunk Contest.

Fun facts: And 1 is kind of struggling in the NBA world. Back in the day they had some superstar endorsers. Vince Carter, Stephon Marbury(notes) when he was good, and Darrell Armstrong(notes). Now, it's Daniels, Monta Ellis(notes), and Steve Blake(notes). Serious downgrade. But it's okay, their streetball division is thriving.

What are they?: Jordan Icons player edition
Who wore them?: Ray Allen(notes)

Where can I get them?: The standard version of these just released and is available from the Jordan website. However, you're not getting your hands on the green and whites unless they turn up on eBay or Ray Allen gives them away on Twitter.

Fun facts: Ray Allen consistently has the best shoes in the NBA. He stays laced in the newest Jordans, but in Celtics colors. His golden Air Jordan XIs are a personal favorite.

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