Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Boston at Orlando
, Game 6 (Boston leads, 3-2)

This is analysis.

These are facts, parsed through a screen full of smarts, tarted up with a bit of writing talent, and served on a properly-decorated plate full of awesome. This is analysis. This is what you should be demanding from your cable TV, instead of nonsense from Chris Webber(notes), Kenny Smith, Jon Barry, and Michael Wilbon. Four men who hadn't heard of Marcin Gortat(notes) before this spring. These are the people that TV executives think you need to hear from. You should be angry about that.

If you're not used to demanding such things, be careful. This post moves beyond the typical "big men be good at dunkin'"-tripe. Go easy. There are some numbers, too.

Despite anyone's limitations, this reality-based post (novel concept, eh?) is required reading for anyone who deigns to comment on this series. I mean that. Read this post, or just can it. Really. 

Los Angeles Lakers at Houston, Game 6 (Los Angeles leads 3-2)

Some signs should point to a Laker win tonight, and most signs point to a Laker series win, but how can one ably scout or render an opinion on these Rockets, sans Yao Ming(notes)? They've won big without the big man, and lost big without him. Since last Friday night, this is an entirely new basketball team.

Conventional wisdom is nice and usually apt, but sometimes it falls short. The Lakers could win this in a walk, but would you be surprised if Houston took it to seven games? You shouldn't be.

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Ball Don't Lie

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