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Chicago at Boston, Game 2

Dropping two in a row to the Bulls is one thing. Dropping the first two in a seven game series, with three of the next four to be played in Cook County? Not a feat you'd like to undertake while, you may have heard, you play without your best player.

All this is moot if Paul Pierce's game-winning free throw is a centimeter off (or would that be "on?") in Game 1, but then again, the Bulls have plenty of room to improve as well.

(Boston: 62-20, 6th in offense, 2nd in defense. Chicago: 41-41, 15th in offense, 18th in defense.)

Dallas at San Antonio, Game 2

Dallas won fewer games on the road than it lost this year, and though a Mavs/Spurs series seems pretty evenly matched on paper with Manu Ginobili out, for the Mavericks to pull out a road win on Saturday in a pretty comfortable (easy for me to say) fashion ... a little surprising.

San Antonio will adjust, but the effort level was pretty strong on Saturday, so it's not as if they need to be woken up. As it is with the game in Boston, the home team should be heavily favored, but that doesn't mean an 0-2 hole isn't a good possibility.

(San Antonio: 54-28, 14th in offense, 5th in defense. Dallas: 52-30, 5th in offense, 17th in defense.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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