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Want to get a high-five from Ron Artest(notes)? Probably not, but if for some reason you did, there's an easy way. Just break up a pass in the fourth quarter of a two-point game. You don't even have to be a basketball player.

During Tuesday night's win over the Raptors, the Lakers got a gift from Lapo Elkann, heir to the Fiat Automobiles fortune. On a bang-bang play late in the fourth quarter, Elkann somehow knocked a loose ball off Toronto point guard Jose Calderon's(notes) head near the sideline giving the Lakers the ball. Bartman'd!

Unlike Artest, Elkann wasn't too happy with his defensive stand. Here's what he told ESPN's J.A. Adande:

"Having two Italians [Andrea Bargnani(notes) and Marco Belinelli(notes)] on the [Raptors] and being Italian, I wished for them to win," Elkann said. "I saw the ball coming on me, and I pushed it."

Come on, Adam Levine. Set your friend straight. There's a time for beach volleyball moves, but it's not during a basketball game.

Of course, it's only natural to protect your face, exposed chest and expensive sunglasses when a basketball is flying at you. Self-preservation is an instinct. Plus, you don't want to spill all that costly food you bought. And from looking near his feet, I'd say Lapo bought a lot of food.

That's why it's so amazing that Jack Nicholson sits cross-armed when he's courtside. He's just asking for a broken nose.

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Ball Don't Lie

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