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In his current role as TNT commentator and comedian, Charles Barkley gets a lot of grief for the way his waistline has expanded since his playing days. To his credit, though, he's realized he's gotten a little heavy and is working hard to cut the fat. He's on a diet and by all accounts is losing weight.

He also works out. As Chuck has noted on several TNT broadcasts already this postseason, he has been hitting the gym at CrossFit North in Atlanta. Above, you can watch some video (along with a bit of NSFW music in the background) of Chuck pumping iron. It is impressive, and a strong reminder that even though he put on weight after retirement, he was still a terrific athlete in his playing days.

Of course, if you watch this clip, you should also realize that pretty much everyone at this gym is in better shape than you. It will make you feel bad about yourself, especially if you are eating a piece of toast with tons of cream cheese on top. Not that I'd know from personal experience.

(Via Spencer Hall)

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Ball Don't Lie

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