Ball Don't Lie - NBA

Because top ten lists are so bourgeois ...

6. Louis Williams, 2007. Plays like watching Miss Universe on a 13-inch black-and-white television.

5. Tony Allen, 2006. Plays exactly like a summer league dunk.

4. Telfair to Green, 2006. Plays like an Eddie Murphy-like comedy starring a washed-up Shia LaBeouf.

3. Rudy Gay punks Yi Jianlian, 2007. Plays like a family being torn apart by a pack of wild dogs.

2. Pop Mensah-Bonsu, 2006 (Note: Pop goes pop at the 1:46 mark). Plays like the Gorillaz track Feel Good Inc..

1. Gerald Green, 2006. Plays like swallowing an "advanced" multi-vitamin made of nothing but celery.

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Ball Don't Lie

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