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An NBA player like Tyrus Thomas(notes) could have anything he wants for his birthday. He's made $15 million-ish to date, and he just inked a 5-year, $40 million extension that will pay him lots of money through the 2015 season. He could literally buy just about anything he wanted in the entire world, save for possibly a private island, a Bugatti Royale or a guest spot on "Jersey Shore."

But, apparently, what he wanted most for his 24th birthday was a comedy show birthday party featuring a super special musical guest — Fantasia Barrino. He got what he wanted, lucky guy.

There you go. That's an "American Idol" winner singing "Happy Birthday" to a hyper athletic backup forward wearing an absurdly humongous gold watch in a Charlotte, N.C., nightclub named after a Tom Berenger movie, which I'm guessing you didn't wake up thinking you'd see today. And if you did, please allow me to accompany you to your local sportsbook as soon as possible.

Thank goodness training camp is only six weeks away, because even NBA players are having trouble filling their nights when there isn't any basketball to watch. Next thing you know, Glen Davis(notes) is going to release another video of him dancing by himself. No one needs to see that again.

(h/t Steeebo)

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Ball Don't Lie

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