Ball Don't Lie - NBA

There are a lot of adorable videos of dogs playing basketball on YouTube, but few feature legitimate roundball skills. For the most part, the canines just bark, run around, and push the basketball along the ground with their noses. It's as if they've never seen a basketball game, or even have no idea how to pick up a ball without opposable digits on their paws. What a bunch of dummies.

On very rare occasions, though, one pup rises above the rest. It happened with Air Bud, and it can happen again. Why, just take a look at Petey, a minor YouTube star known in some circles as "The Volleyball Dog." Petey's top skill is knocking any moderately soft ball around with his snout, which makes him a natural for the basketball court. He even knows how to use the glass.

Unfortunately, his NBA career will probably be derailed by a complete inability to understand or carry out the fundamentals of defense. It appears that Petey will have to go back to the puppy leagues and find a spot in the rotation of some crazy coach who only cares about offense. Named "Dog Nelson," naturally.

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Ball Don't Lie

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