Ball Don't Lie - NBA

You should watch this video of three kids jumping off a way-too-high deck to make amazing pool basketball shots because...

... it's a Friday in the middle of August and the only relevant NBA news is Delonte West's(notes) 10-game suspension for pleading guilty to a weapons charge. Oh, and Ron Artest(notes) is going to wear No. 15 again. Now you're caught up.

... you and I would literally break our legs, wrists and probably neck if we were to attempt any of these amazing feats of courage.

... you're a big fan of extreme sports and/or pushing things to the limit, and this is about as intense as pool basketball can get so it's right up your alley.

... you played in a pool basketball league in college, just like I did. If your team's name was the Bob Genghis Khans, then we're even more alike than we knew.

... you loved the trailer for "Pool Jumpers."

... you like smiling a lot.

... you wish you could try these things, but unfortunately you're a grown-up and you realize your physical limitations, so you'll live vicariously through these three youngsters.

... despite your cognizance of your physical limitations you still are thinking, "Yeah if I were near that pool, I'd probably give it a shot, at least once."

... you like having fun and also basketball, and this is a combination of those two things.

(h/t BuzzFeed)

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Ball Don't Lie

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