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Just two days ago, the world was shocked to learn that Stephon Marbury(notes) had won MVP of the Chinese Basketball Association's All-Star game. Well, "shocked" might be a bit strong, but the world was most assuredly a tiny bit surprised at his honor. But when you watch the highlights of his performance, it's easy to see why he took home the trophy.

That's like a vintage Marbury highlight tape. His move 25 seconds in is amazing and the Chinese weren't kidding when they said he was hitting "mid-court three pointers." I very much enjoyed this.

The best part is that it looks like he's having a legitmately great time. Considering all he has to do is score and make fancy passes, I'm sure he's loving it over there. It's like his dream situation, if his dreams in no way involved the NBA.

In fact, he likes China so much, he just might stay.

"I will always remember the All-Star night," Marbury told the Beijing News. "I will be back. Probably this summer, I want to open a training camp. The new contract with Shanxi is not completed."

Apparently all it took for Stephon Marbury to be happy is being exiled from the NBA after Ustream-ing his life for hours on end after playing his way out of a massive contract with his hometown team. Hey, whatever works. 

(video via You Been Blinded, who also has several more clips from the game)

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Ball Don't Lie

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