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One more time for the new comers: Two nights after Kobe's record-settin' 61 points at Madison Square Garden, LeBron James became the first player since Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in 1975 to record a triple-double in a game in which he also scored 50 or more points.

Or did he? Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn ...

Via The FanHouse, check out this clip of LeBron's questionably credited ninth rebound.

I wish there was a better camera angle of the play — something from the baseline would be mint — but from the view of my non-ergonomic office chair that rebound sure looks like it belonged to Cavaliers forward Ben Wallace.

As Pollakoff points out: Big Ben controls the board with one hand, and when David Lee gets a little too close for comfort, he flips it to LeBron. No, Wallace never actually squeezes the ball, but if you were the official scorer, sans bias, who would you credit it to: Ben or LeBron? Let's hear it.

Feb. 6 Update: Wow. League officials just announced that they reviewed the game and ruled that the above rebound given to James should have been credited to Wallace. Goodbye, MSG triple-double. 

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Ball Don't Lie

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