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Yes, you read that headline correctly.

By now, you've no doubt seen LeBron James and the Cavaliers' hilarious pre-game "photo-op" intro. Before the starters take the floor, LeBron pretends to grab a bunch of cameras from his teammates and snaps pictures of them as they pose for group shots like high school students out on a class trip. Here it is in all its mock F-stop glory.

Well, not to be outdone/YouTube'd, Shaquille O'Neal called the LeBron's intro "weak," and tried his hand at choreographing a better one in the locker room before the Suns faced the lowly Wizards over the weekend. Pay attention, Donnie!

"Everybody always talks about LeBron's weak intro, so I challenge LeBron to intros," The Big Xerox told reporters/bloggers post-game. "Alright? So he does his little camera thing, we did our bowling thing, we'll let the people decide. If he changes his intro, then I'm going to change my intro."

So, "people," which choreographed pre-game ritual do you like better? Let's hear it.

(H/T: NBA FanHouse)

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Ball Don't Lie

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