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Tuesday night saw the finale episode of "Shaq Vs.," which pits Shaquille O'Neal(notes) against other top athletes in their own sports. The Big Aristotle's final competitor and course — 14-time Olympic gold medalist and world champion swimmer Michael Phelps, in the pool.

Shaq challenged Phelps in a series of swimming races at the Mangione Aquatic Center at Loyola University, MD and whoever won the best-out-of-three swim-offs would be named the winner.

According to the Examiner, in race one, Phelps swam 50 yards freestyle (with a five second head start), while Shaq only had to go 25 yards. Surprisingly, Shaq won. (He's like a manatee!) In race two, Phelps swam the individual 200 IM, while Shaq anchored the freestyle portion of his team 200 IM. His fellow teammates were some of the fastest current U.S. female swimmers, but it didn't matter, Phelps still won.

Finally, in the third and final race, Shaq only needed to swim 50 yards, while Phelps had to go 75 yards. It was a close heat, but once again, Phelps got the best of him.

Shaq's penalty — to try synchronized swimming in a pink swim cap.

Instead, he got his Ron Burgundy on and did a weak cannonball off the dive platform.

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Ball Don't Lie

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