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Los Angeles Lakers forward Ron Artest(notes) was on Jimmy Kimmel's chat show Wednesday night and, yeah, he's still quite the character.

Ron Ron showed up wearing shorts, athletic socks, slippers, a goofball cowboy hat, an appropriate fake beard, and a T-shirt bearing his picture and a "Let's do it!" tagline that ostensibly was in place to promote Artest's new iPhone application.

[Rewind: Ron Artest pulled over in odd racecar

He also pulled out a football out of a purple bag midway through the interview to engage in some weird gridiron practices with Kimmel (this was before Kimmel compared Artest to "a homeless person"). Eventually, Artest got around to discussing his love for Celine Dion, and his love for her music.

Here's the first part of the, um, "interview?"

The second part follows after the jump. Thanks, Los Angeles Times.

[Behind the disguise: Photos of Ron Artest]   

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Ball Don't Lie

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