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The continuing melodrama of Charles Barkley, Dwyane Wade and their trusty T-Mobile cellular telephones unveiled a new television commercial last night with the addition to the mix of Yao Ming, a waitress and live shrimp. Take a bite.

David Barron of the Houston Chronicle informs us that the new spot, titled 'Yao's Comfort Food' and produced by Publicis West USA in Seattle, is the first of three in T-Mobile's fourth season of NBA-themed advertisements.

"We liked the international flavor of it, coming off the heels of the Olympics," Jenna Beardsley-Smith, the company's director of advertising. "It reflects the international flavor of the NBA. Yao was a good fit, and he is a very funny man."

I agree; Yao is freaking hilarious. He needs to star in an as many commercials as possible. And you know, D-Wade and Charles' reactions were pretty good, too. They're definitely getting more comfortable in front of the camera. Two thumbs up all around.

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Ball Don't Lie

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