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It's common knowledge that Nate Robinson(notes) played football when he was a freshman at the University of Washington. He's super fast, can jump very high and is extremely strong — three traits that come in handy for a defensive back. However, unless you were a big fan of middling West Coast college football teams in 2002, it's likely that you missed him on the gridiron. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm in the same boat.

Thankfully, YouTube exists, which means we can all remedy our mistake by watching Nate Robinson dominate in his high school highlight tape. Make sure you stick around until the end for Nate's punt return that is very Reggie Bush vs. Fresno State.

Not bad, I guess. I mean, if you like amazing touchdowns, long runs and catches that shouldn't be made by guys who are only 5-foot-9, this is right up your alley.

But really, this just shows us how athletic Nate Robinson is. Sure, we had an idea of it when he jumped over Dwight Howard(notes), but seeing him run around defenders while in high school kind of puts his skills in even starker perspective. Even at 17, Nate Robinson was doing things us mortals can only do in video games, only this time he went with "Super Tecmo Bowl" rather than "NBA Jam."

(h/t Celtics Town)

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Ball Don't Lie

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