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All LeBron James(notes) does in the clip you're about to see is what most of us have done whether we're playing hoops (or, in this case, "21" or "Knockout") against our kids, or those who are on the JV, or those who are a few grades below us, or even those who were in our own age group when we were kids. We all know the game, but at some point, someone's bound to get knocked on their bottom.

Usually, though, that person doesn't get knocked over by LeBron James while playing a game of thunder at a basketball camp. So, big ups, kid; assuming you can get up after taking a hit from LBJ. And thanks for bringing the ha-ha, young man, while LeBron tries to make up for all those missed 3-pointers.

Here's the scene (40 seconds in):

Here's another shot, from the stands:

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What's also funny, as you can see from the second video, LeBron is knocked out of the game after destroying the kid.

Not to remain ultra-critical, LeBron, but you do know you can play a game with these youngsters with rules that demand that you shoot from outside the paint. I mean, if I could submit to those rules in high school, I think you can do the same after two NBA MVP awards.

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Ball Don't Lie

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