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LeBron James(notes) put on quite the show Sunday night in Oklahoma City, scoring a season-high 44 points, stuffing the rest of box score with seven rebounds, six assists and four steals, helping the Cavs to a big road win, and even stopping for some quick drive-thru fast food during a break in the first half action.

After stealing the ball and stumbling through a foul to convert a layup, the hungry superstar stopped along the baseline to snag some french fries from a boy seated in the front row wearing a Durant jersey. Yoink!

Now, obviously, the LeBron haters are having a field day with this.

Take, for example, Hardwood Houdini: "The immaturity of 'The King' is one of the reasons why he has yet to win a championship. He is much too focused on gaining attention for himself, and not focused enough on the fact that his team is far from reaching greatness."

Over some french fries? Please. I tend to side with Larry Brown Sports' level-headed take: LeBron was just messing around. It's pretty clear there was no disrespect involved. He probably made that kid's year.

And besides, shouldn't we be impressed with LeBron's ability to hit the ensuing free throw with grease on his hands? That Spalding had to have been slippery, right?

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Ball Don't Lie

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