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For all these years, you've thought you were the world's biggest Kobe Bryant(notes) fan. You have all his jerseys, including that black one the Lakers never actually wore. You even bought the Nike Zoom Kobe 3s that look like they have a plastic web on them because you wanted to have all of his shoes. Your deep admiration for Kobe is so embedded in your identity that your email address is You got it, you got it bad.

Well, I'm sorry to break it to you, Trent. You're no longer Kobe's No. 1 fan. This guy is.

Wowsersons. I mean, obviously this is faker than when Kobe and Shaq share a pregame hug, but it's still super duper funny. Yep, it's so hilarious that I had to reach back to an early-90s adjective like "super duper" to properly convey how great this is.

But really, who among us haven't daydreamed about antiquing and developing inside jokes with Kobe Bryant? Someday. Someday...

(via Skeets)

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Ball Don't Lie

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