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After a winless start through the season's first three games, the Boston Celtics have rallied to win four in a row following the return of team leader Paul Pierce. Why do I call him the team's "leader?" Because that's what Kevin Garnett calls him, and when  KG talks basketball -- and especially Boston basketball -- you listen.

Even if he gets a little too blue for work. Via Ben Rohrbach at WEEI's Green Street, take a look at KG's postgame comments from Wednesday:

Fantastic. And between the talk of Celtic pride and KG's green sweater and hat, I'm about ready to run through a wall for Doc Rivers myself right now. Boston looks a little different this year, with offensive-minded additions like Brandon Bass entering the mix and a big hole at center, and the group is currently ranked 19th out of 30 NBA teams in defensive efficiency.

It's a long season, though. And Boston is long on memory, and smarts. You still want nothing to do with them, in a best of seven.

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Ball Don't Lie

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