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John Schuhmann just pointed this out on Twitter, and I'll admit to being a little confused.

On the surface, it looks as if one of Kevin Durant's(notes) neighbors in Oklahoma City is posting videos of his All-Star neighbor moving in, ordering pizza, and eating breakfast. Kind of creepy, right?

But there's also a production style to these videos -- in the age of attempting to make anything and everything go viral -- that raises my curiosity. It's a little too slick. A little too funny, and there's also a shot of a massive harp on the lip of the moving truck in front of Kevin Durant's house. I really don't think Kevin Durant has a harp.

But there aren't any obvious logos to be seen. Sure, Nike and Gatorade are around, but beyond that?

Ah, forget it. It's probably Nike. Either way, here's a shot of Durant "moving in."

More videos follow after the jump.

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Ball Don't Lie

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