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Yes, this is ostensibly a Nike ad. Or a GM ad, even, so your tax dollars paid for it. But it's still a pretty cool look at Kevin Durant's(notes) cool-as-heck GMC van.

That's right. Van.

Now, for the better part of the 1990s, the Dwyer clan had itself two of these vans along the same lines. Tricked-out V8 monsters with tape decks in the back for me to listen to my Afghan Whigs albums in teenage-style isolation, a TV for the kids, a cooler in the middle console, and leather to spare. It was the business. And it was even driven by a man named "Kevin," with "KD" initials.

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Fifteen years later, though, this is how another KD rolls:

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OK, substitute the tape deck in the rear for an Xbox, a flat-screen for an 8-inch standard definition tube bent on showing "Aladdin" for the trillionth time, and subwoofer in the back for unpacked Little League gear. But beyond that, it's the same ride. I'm even guessing both KDs share a similar aversion to annoying kids eating Cool Ranch Doritos in the back seat.

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(Hat Tip: Jalopnik.)

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Ball Don't Lie

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