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When Colin Cowherd made that ridiculous comment about how John Wall(notes) would never be a star because -- well, I never quite figured out why Cowherd made that assumption. Was it because John Wall danced? Jean Claude Van Damme dances, and he's one of the biggest stars in the world!

Anyway, Cowherd is a massive tool, we all know this, and any bit of lofty (and pessimistic) assumptions made off of a 30-second video clip are pretty pointless. Which is why we won't go lofty with this one. We'll just assume that, at one point, the Washington Wizards might want to introduce John Wall to a nutritionist, or a personal chef, or at the very least buy him (a very useful book, this isn't a shot) the Betty Crocker Cookbook.

Because, holy cow, look at all the crap John Wall has in his pantry.

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(Video courtesy the Washington Post.)

I think I counted six bags of chips, just on one shelf. Now, my brother works for Frito-Lay, so we appreciate the business. And NBA players (between workouts, practices, shootarounds and games) burn more calories in a day than most of us do in a fortnight. But this is just a bit much, no?

And it would remind us of the time Kwame Brown(notes) was aghast at a French restaurant for not serving French dressing, if we didn't think that John Wall was an amazing basketball player. That's sort of the difference. John Wall can play.

And he can also snack.

(Via The Basketball Jones.)

UPDATE: Wizards owner Ted Leonsis put this on his blog Monday.

The Wizards have hired a personal chef for John Wall.

We did so before the season began.We also employ a chef that serves all of our players healthy fare every day for breakfast here at the arena and for lunch when needed. This has been a service that has been in place for many, many years. We teach our players about nutrition; rest; naps; workouts; hydration, etc. etc. All teams do. We do a lot of it because we have so many young players.

Why is it so hard to send me an email or place a call and ask a question before someone writes something?

Probably because your franchise player has six bags of Doritos in his pantry.

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