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It hit just before the deluge.

Right when the Internet was in its infancy, because I remember (seriously) reading about this fight on Performed right after ESPN2 was established, so you could see it on "NBA 2Night," but before the ticker-driven ESPN News. No PtI, no "Around the Horn," and no Twitter or YouTube or Jose3030 to put up the mess as quickly as it went down.

No, this Jeff Hornacek and Jerry Stackhouse(notes) fight (you heard me) slid in just below the radar. In Mountain time, in a game between a lowly 76ers outfit and your typically stout (but just short) Jazz collective. Have a gander at the throwdown:

Stackhouse took offense to Hornacek's follow-through -- offensive follow-through, mind you, not an intentional defensive foul -- and started throwing punches at the back of Hornacek's head. Jeff ducks out of the way, and then looks bemused. It's so ancient, it's in black and white. I wouldn't have it any other way.

The best part is the reaction. There's what I know is Marc Zumoff and what sounds like Steve Mix, the 76ers TV crew, absolutely railing against Stackhouse's major misstep. Pretty rare for the hometown crew. And then Hornacek, for some reason, is tossed out of the game too. Stackhouse was given a two-game suspension and $7,500 fine, though he should be credited for pointing out that the whole melee was "not one I'm proud of, not proud of at all."

Also, both these men are grandfathers, now. Just believe that, for my sake. It's August.

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Ball Don't Lie

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